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    Amazing Deals on Portable Infrared Saunas

All You Must Know About Portable Infrared Sauna.

How did we come to Portable Infrared Saunas?

Physical and mental stress have engulfed the world today. We are all racing against time to get our job done. More often than not we crave to destress ourselves and let go of all our tensions. If you are one of them, a warm relaxing portable infrared sauna bath is the way to go.
Saunas have served humans for centuries and continue to do so. Being exposed to pollutants and the environment in general we are all susceptible to germs and toxins and attack our body and nullify the immune system.
A portable sauna bath can make you feel your best again. Infrared saunas take the process to another level and work at a cellular level to cleanse your body of any toxins.
Infrared’s deep penetrating heat most effectively stimulates metabolic activity, and triggers the release of stored toxins through sweat, as well as through the liver and kidneys.
Highly emissive far infrared sauna creates fever-like temperature conditions in your body. Raising your core body temperature high infrared sauna relaxes your mind and soul inside out. A hotter body increases metabolism kills unwanted gems and releases toxins. Viruses and bacteria all die in the face of heat.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to carry a sauna with you?? Necessity and innovation have made portable infrared sauna accessible.


How Infrared Saunas came to be

Portable Infrared saunas keep soaring in popularity every year and have slowly cemented itself in the luxury line. Whether you are into losing weight, detoxing or relieving pain, a sauna is a way to go.
As infrared saunas become common in everyday lives, we take a look a how it all started.
Saunas are believed to have been around for over 2000 years. Adopted by Finns and developed with time. The very first saunas were dug into the slopes in snowy weather to avoid cold. The structures were lined with wood or stone with fires lit inside to heat the walls. Steam was artificial and introduced by pouring hot water over the stones.
Today’s saunas haven’t gone through any huge changes and follow the same process. However, the process and experience are not the best. Heated to high temperatures the saunas lack humidity and are extremely uncomfortable to sit down. Lack of moisture in the air can make it hard to breathe.
The saunas were primitive and needed a drastic change to fill the homes as a mark of luxury and comfort. New heating method and better experience were a must and came portability.


Developing Infrared Saunas

When William Herschel discovered infrared in the 1900s it changed the world. Since then infrared has touched lived and affected countless industries, shaping the earth we know today.
Heat therapy has been used to remedy ailments for years. Saunas had already been popularized and heat therapy was adopted. But it was not until the late 20th century that saunas actually made the breakthrough.
For years infrared saunas worked by heating a ceramic object that would then give off infrared light rays. But about eight years ago a new innovation arrived: carbon fiber panels started being used instead of ceramic. Using carbon fiber not only made the heaters cheaper to manufacture, it allowed heaters to have a lower surface temperature as well as an even longer infrared wavelength. This was an improvement for two reasons: a lower surface temperature on the heaters meant portable infrared saunas felt more comfortable, and the longer infrared wavelength was able to penetrate the body more effectively.
But this innovation wasn’t entirely a step up. The fact is that carbon fiber just doesn’t absorb as much infrared energy as ceramic does, and so it’s not able to raise the temperature of the body to the levels that ceramic can (and you’ve got to raise that body temperature to see the beneficial effects of an infrared sauna).
So a few years ago the sauna industry saw another advancement when one company, Sauna Works, combined carbon and ceramic to create an infrared sauna heater for their Clearlight saunas that would have the best of both worlds: the right combination of wavelengths, a comfortable heater surface temperature, and the ability to raise the body’s core temperature enough to make a sauna session truly effective. These heaters are patented, so not every new sauna has them, but in my opinion, they are the more important development so far in the history of the far infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas heat the body directly, instead of warming the air. Apart from also being more effective and useful for bodily functions, Siting in an infrared sauna is a more relaxing experience compared to its dry saunas. The heat by the infrared sauna induces a deeper, more intense sweat that removes a higher level of toxins, while the humidity improves skin.
The heat generated by the infrared sauna promotes a deeper, more intense sweat that removes a higher level of toxins, while the humidity improves skin.
This is because the heat in the sauna increases blood circulation and dilates arteries, pumping oxygen throughout the body more efficiently. Muscles use this increase in oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to heal, relax, and reduce inflammation.
It may have taken many years for home infrared saunas to be developed, but now they’re considered to be a must-have for health conscious individuals.
Sauna heating now features advancement like no other form of relaxing. Solocarbon™ full-spectrum infrared heating has been nothing less than an evolution in a line of heating saunas. With completely customizable experience and Android touch controls, infrared saunas are the epitome of luxury today.

Infrared Saunas Today

As the sauna itself evolved, so did the culture around it. Saunas came to be seen as places to clear the mind, refresh the spirit, and rejuvenate the body and portable one meant you can carry them everywhere. The deceased was prepared for burial, and women gave birth here, as the sauna came to encompass the cycle of life.
The love of sauna is a worldwide phenomenon, with many cultures having some form of similar culture or tradition, including such well-known versions as Turkish steam baths, and ancient Roman Thermae. In Canada and the US, many Native American cultures possess various types of spiritual sweat lodges, while in Eastern Europe we find the Jewish shvitz.
Today, science has confirmed that raising the body temperature stimulates the immune system to fight destructive pathogens. Hyperthermia, or so-called “artificial fevers,” are being incorporated into holistic treatments for such infections as acute bronchitis and pneumonia, arthritic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Lupus. The use of heat therapy against more serious diseases such as some types of cancer and even HIV has begun to gain traction as well, making the portable infrared sauna one of modern medicine’s most effective tools for healing and prevention.

Which Infrared sauna should you buy?

Want to buy a sauna but too expensive? Start with a portable one. A portable infrared sauna is fit for everyone to use and easy to carry and work with. It comes with easy maintenance and low fees which best suits everyone according to their needs.
Not sure where to start? is the best place to check out more info on saunas and a great place to compare the prices. Finding a site that on saunas can be hard. At irsauna we try to keep you updated with best articles and an amazing marketplace to help you out. Everyone deserves time for themselves and you do too. We make sure nothing stops you.

Are you still looking for the best way to improve your health or relax after a stressful day at work? Then, a Portable Infrared Sauna can be the right option for you. The Portable IR Sauna is one of the most popular choices if you want to enjoy the health benefits of the saunas without having to go to expensive gyms or SPAs. These units can help you to detoxify your body, lose weight, reduce stress levels, improve metabolism, enhance blood flow, and also beautify your skin.
The Portable Infrared Saunas are an excellent choice for you if you don’t have adequate space to fix your sauna. They are very portable, compact, and inexpensive as compared to traditional sauna units. You use your portable sauna whenever you feel like, and when you’re done with it, you can conveniently keep it away to save space.

However, there are so many brands and models of Portable IR Saunas available on the market. So choosing the best Portable IR Sauna that meets your requirements and budget can be quite challenging. Especially if you’re just getting started with Infrared Saunas and don’t know much about them.
To make it quite easier for you, we have researched the best Portable IR Saunas available on the market today to bring you comprehensive buyers guide.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the best Portable Infrared Saunas.


Top 3 Best Portable Infrared Saunas 2017

DURHERM X Large EMF FREE Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable Sauna

This model made by DURHEM is one of the best Portable IR Saunas you’re going to find on the market. As its name suggests, this model is uniquely designed for the larger folks. The best part about this sauna is that it is almost EMF free, which is what sets it apart from other portable saunas, in fact, it is 200 to 600 times lower than any other FIR carbon heating panel out there on the market. Not only does this unit produce more heat, but it also draws less power than any other competing portable sauna – meaning shorter warm-up times and also reduced running costs.

The opening for the head and hands makes it quite easy to read a book as well as control the heat while it is in use. The unit features two soft-washable neck collars for added comfort which can be cleaned. The impressive thing is that these collars can zip on/ off so you can quickly wash them or store away efficiently. This portable IR sauna also comes included with a robust foldable chair and a storage pocket for the included remote.

This portable IR sauna provides all the benefits of the more expensive models can offer. The unit folds up easily for storage in the closet or even under the bed- you can take less than 5 minutes to fold and set up.

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

This Portable IR Sauna is one of the best-rated and best-selling solo saunas available on the market. The best about this Portable IR Sauna is that it offers excellent quality sauna experience at a reasonably small price.

The unit comes featuring a compact and sleek design, hence making sure it fits in your home gym or anywhere you want a good sweat for detox and relaxation. The unit weighs only 18 pounds, approximately 9 kilograms so you can simply fold by yourself and pack it in your suitcase when traveling.

This Portable IR Sauna features three energy efficient carbon fiber heating panels – this means low EMF and superior energy efficiency. The unit takes around 10 to 15 minutes to warm thoroughly. Additionally, the sauna can reach temperatures of about 150 degrees Fahrenheit when heated sufficiently.

When it comes to your safety, this sauna comes incorporated with built-in automatic shut-off function which guarantees maximum protection. Also, it features a sturdy and durable construction. On the interior, the unit is made from reflective polyester and also features triple-layered satin polyester material on the exterior that makes the sauna looks more elegant. The material is reinforced with the cotton insulation for maximum durability and excellent resistance against the moisture.

This Portable IR Sauna has staggering health benefits of using it, including help lose weight, relieve joint pain, increase blood circulation, improve skin tone, reduce stress and fatigue, enhance your immune system, and also increase your overall energy levels.

The sauna also features holes for your head and hands and a pocket for the complete functioning of remote or even a phone. Also, the included remote features 5 levels of pre-set heat temperatures with inbuilt thermostat – hence enabling you to push one button to heat the unit to precisely the temperature you want it to.

DURHERM DIF-202 IR FAR Portable Infrared Sauna

The DURHEM DIF-202 is one of the best Portable IR Saunas out there on the market that worth considering. Besides its numerous health benefits, the unit features most desirable features which most expensive and fancy IR saunas have.

The sauna features three carbon-fiber heating elements – which means less EMF and low energy consumption. Other features include a heating pad for your feet, foam floor pad, durable/foldable chair, holes for your hands and head, and a pouch for the remote/phones.

The sauna is built of excellent-quality materials and also features an ultra-thin carbon fiber heating element. It is quite easy to set up this unit, fold away and store when not using it.

Due to a higher amount of the heat efficiency of this sauna, you will be quickly sweating thus activating and boosting up your blood circulation. Using this Portable IR Sauna will help you lose weight, improve your health, and with its relaxing properties, it will help you sleep better, for sure, it is a fantastic asset in your overall wellness plan.


Portable Infrared Saunas Buyer’s Guide

Types of Portable Saunas

Portable saunas are an amazing asset since they occupy little space and comes at a relatively affordable price. Furthermore, you can get remarkable sweat session deprived of having to pay anywhere near as much as with the regular sauna. And the astonishing part is that you don’t have to travel to the SPAs or gym to use their facilities.

There are two types of Portable Saunas, namely:

Portable FAR Infrared Saunas

What is a Portable FAR Infrared sauna? The FAR Infrared sauna is typically a type of portable sauna which uses infrared heaters to create to heat the sauna box. The FAR tells you whereabouts on the light spectra the infrared waves used by that specific sauna fall. Infrared saunas cause the body to heat up quickly although they operate at a lower temperature. Furthermore, the infrared saunas are preferred by most people looking for detox since they have a deeper penetration than the traditional saunas or steam saunas.

Portable Steam Saunas

Steam saunas are claimed to heat the room more than the infrared saunas. The steams saunas use the steam generators to create steam in the sauna box. The significant difference between a steam sauna and FAR Infrared sauna is that FAR Infrared saunas tend to heat up quickly within a very short time, 10 to 15 minutes maximum. Unlike steam saunas which takes a while to get the steam started – a certain degree of planning is needed. Another significant difference between a steam sauna and Infrared sauna is that infrared saunas only supplies a humidity of about 20 percent, whereas the steam saunas raise the humidity up to 65 percent.

How to Choose the Best Portable Infrared Saunas

Well, Portable IR Saunas comes in numerous different styles, shapes, and sizes. Some come with built with separate heating zones while others feature multiple carbon-fiber heating panels. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best Portable IR Saunas:

Maximum temperature
The max temperature is one of most essential aspects consider since most individuals want to get the hottest sauna-experience as possible. Most Portable IR Saunas are capable of reaching up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the unit hot enough for efficient weight loss and detoxification.

The sauna dimensions are another thing which determines how confining you might get while utilizing your sauna. Ensure the size is spacious enough and is following your body shape and size to prevent any sort of suffocation.

Type of design
Do you want a sauna that allows being seated or want to lay down (blanket style saunas)? Well, most people prefer seating rather than laying down. The seated sauna offers you ample room and space within the unit itself. If you have claustrophobic problems, you might find laying-down (heating blanket) saunas undesirable and inconvenient to use.

Features/ accessories
This is another aspect you need to consider when choosing a portable sauna. There are some Portable IR Saunas which comes included with heating foot pads – this is a fantastic feature which just makes the sauna experience much fun and comfortable. Others feature to look for includes holes for your head and hands, washable neck collars, handheld remote control for convenient use, compact and foldable chair, pockets for your phone or remote, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Portable Infrared Saunas?

  1. Compact size
    The Portable IR Saunas are an excellent option if you are always on the go. They are very compact in size – hence quite easy to carry around wherever you are going. Also. You use in limited spaces. Some of the Portable IR Saunas features a foldable design thus saving you space and makes it so easy to store away.
  2. Health/mental benefits
    The Portable IR Saunas offer many health benefits than the traditional saunas. Some of the health benefits include weight loss, detoxification, improved blood circulation, boost your immune system, and any sort of mild muscle or joint aches are relieved. In addition, a daily dose of the sauna treatment can reduce your stress levels – this makes you relaxed and fresh, hence a better sleep.
  3. Beauty benefits
    Besides the Portable IR Saunas offering so many health benefits, it also provides astonishing beauty benefits. The sauna helps to release numerous necessary compounds right from the scalp which aids in moisturizing your hair and hence keeping your skin healthier.
  4. Price
    The Portable IR Saunas are typically inexpensive compared to the standard sauna units hence making them affordable to most people.
  5. Energy consumption
    Most Portable IR Saunas comes equipped with carbon-fiber heating panels which means less EMF and less energy consumption as compared to the traditional saunas. This will surely save a few bucks when it comes to paying your electricity bill. The Portable Infrared Saunas are more reliable.



The Portable IR Saunas are an excellent way for relaxing your body and mind after a stressful day at work. As we have mentioned above, the Portable IR Saunas have many other astonishing health benefits. For most people who want to live a healthier life, they usually include some form of detoxification and cleansing into their daily routine, which we also recommend. So enjoy your infrared sauna experience and have a tranquil and therapeutic experience.